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Whether you stumbled across my page by accident or you were searching for ways to improve your health I’m glad you are here! Let me introduce myself, my name is Caterina Camilleri and I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in the Toronto area.   


My curiosity about food and health started at a young age, growing up in an Italian household I would watch my mother cook our food from scratch, she would make home made pasta, bread, meatballs and stews. It wasn’t considered a meal unless we had a plate of pasta and bread.   


My whole life I had digestive issues that lead to other health problems and it wasn’t until my busy lifestyle as a wife, mom of two and working in the corporate world that I realized my chronic fatigue, digestive issues, acne and brain fog were not normal and I was determined to find out the cause.  I felt as though no matter what I ate my digestive system would react.


After bringing my concerns forward to my doctors, it was then that I got diagnosed with Celiac, an autoimmune disease affecting the small intestine’s ability to absorb nutrients in food.   That meant every time I ate foods containing gluten it was impacting me and was the cause of my many health symptoms.  It led to my malnourishment, Osteopenia, respiratory issues and iron deficiency.  


Eliminating gluten and changing the foods I was eating opened me up to a whole new world of food that I didn’t even know existed.  I felt more nourished, energized and healthier then ever.  It never ceases to amaze me how food can impact our health both good and bad. Growing up in an Italian home eating all those gluten filled foods was definitely contributing to my health issues and I didn't even know it. It doesn't mean I can't have a good Italian meal once and a while.  I just find ways to convert a lot of my favourites to a healthier gluten free version for me and my family so that I can still enjoy it.


We are all biochemically unique and have different nutritional requirements.   Work with me to identify your nutritional and lifestyle imbalance (s) and address your main health concerns.  


Let’s create the body you want inside and you will naturally radiate on the outside!

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